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I help people to move from a place of self-doubt, constant uncertainty and low self-confidence        to a place of deep, strong and powerful self-confidence  towards themselves and their capacities. 

What is lack of self-confidence

 lack of self-confidence can be defined as a sense of distrust towards one's skills and capacity. At its core, someone who lacks confidence basically distrusts their own ability to respond to the daily demand and challenges that life imposes upon them.

I am certain that when it comes down to doubting yourself, criticising your actions, self-censoring your ideas, or better yet, just plainly belittling yourself day after day no one is as good at is as you are!
  • Exhausted to see your opportunities shrinks as the years goes by.
  • Exhausted to feel that your true capacity is being wasted and unused.
  • Exhausted to hear that other people around you have and do the very things that you want for yourself, but you have never found the courage to do them. 
  • Exhausted to remain stuck in a life that does not fit with neither your values nor with your ambitions.
How would your life be transformed if you suddenly had the confidence that you needed to tackle any difficulties, obstacles or challenges that you may need to face in order to reach your goals?
  • That you had the necessary confidence that would allow you to remain cleared focussed in the face of adversity.
  • That you would be able to mange the rush of doubts that come to you peacefully whenever you want to get out of your comfort zone.
  • That you would know exactly how to react whenever you experience an attack of negative thoughts.
  • That you had the courage to unapologetically build the life of your dreams for yourself.
I know how the world can seems to be overwhelming, scary, lonely and unfair when you lack self-confidence. Yet, if only you knew what price you are paying on a daily basis to remain chained to this state, you would start to work on yourself and invest on your future  straight away
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Now let's be clear here, coaching is not a walk in the park, however if you are truly committed, motivated and determined to set yourself free and totally transform your life then let's start this journey together now...
As a professional Acc, ICF certified life coach, NLP master practitioner, I can help transform the beliefs that keep you stuck and support you while you rebuild your self-confidence, as well as step by step, be by your side to face any obstacles that might occur during this journey in order to help you to find a solution for them.
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 My coaching program "SELF-CONFIDENCE" will thoroughly help you go through the 5 pillars that you need to build a deep, solid and powerful sense of confidence in yourself and your capacities. This program will be spread out over a time period of 6 months where you will have 12 coaching sessions available. 
  • SELF-ACCEPTANCE:We are going to explore and develop your strengths as well as the parts that need improvement.
  • TRANSFORM YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS:We are going to discover and transform the limiting beliefs that are stopping you from building or nourishing you self-confidence and replace them with powerful helpful self-beliefs.
  • SELF-RESPONSIBILITY: Set up the 3 pillars of self-responsability
  1. How to manage obstacles (without feeling guilty or bitter with yourself about it).
  2. Learn how to analyse the situation(without letting your negative perception overwhelming you).
  3. Learn how to recycle difficulties into important and powerful life lessons. 
  • PROBLEM SOLVING: Difficulties, obstacles and challenges are part of life. The sooner you learn how to emotionally, mentally and physically manage those situations the better you will become at solving problems, which overall, will feed you sense of self-confidence. In other words your ability to respond with efficiency to the daily demands of life. 
  • Resilience: One of the greatest constants in life's that all at some point will have to face a situation were we fall and hurt ourselves. That is why it is important to understand when to act and when to react, so we can recover as fast as possible and more importantly, get up stronger than when we fell down. Resilience is a key skill when it comes down to building self-confidence. 
  • A deep self-knowledge of the set of values, beliefs and behaviours that are driving your actions. 
  • A profound self-awareness of you needs, expectations and goals as well as the strategies to nourish them, satisfy them and of course reach them. 
  • A very improved capacity to communicate with clarity, confidence and assertiveness. 
  • A transformation in your ability to manage life's challenges.
  • What are the laws that govern human thinking, emotions and behaviours.
  • How to manage your negative thinking as well as your self-doubt and especially, understand what triggers them. 
  • Master the basic rules of introspection so you always remain connected to what is happening inside your inner world.
  • Be How to recycle your mistakes, obstacles and difficulties, and instead transform them in opportunity to learn and grow.  
Are you ready to invest in you and your future?
The Lion Within - Profile of a house cat



I have exclusively created this coaching program for a people who want, for once and for all, to get rid of their lack of self-confidence. With this program you will get 12 online coaching session of 1 hour over a period of 6 monts.


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I have exclusively created this coaching programme people who want to find out what their life mission is in life. With this coaching program you will have 16 online coaching session of 1 hour over a period of 8 months.


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I have exclusively created this coaching program for people who want, for once and for all, to get rid of their low self-esteem. With this program you will get 12 online coaching session of 1 hour over a period of months


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I have exclusively created this coaching program for anyone who wants, for once and for all, to get rid of their self-sabotage behaviours. With this program you will get 12 online coaching session of 1 hour over a period of 6 months.