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I help people to move from a place of self-doubt, low self-esteem and failure to a place of self-confidence, high self-esteem and professional success

 Low self-esteem is characterized by feeling badly about oneself. People with low self-esteem often feel unlovable, awkward, or incompetent and tend to be hypersensitive, hyper-vigilant and hyperalert to signs of rejection and disapproval. In fact Often, individuals lacking self-esteem see rejection and disapproval even when there isn’t any.

What is low self-esteem?

I am certain that when it comes down to devaluing and diminishing yourself, play small or shrink your personality to the point you can barely recognise yourself, as no-one is as good has you are.  
  • Exhausted to lead a life where you constantly feel that you have no value or so little.
  • Exhausted to experience either personal or professional relationships that disvalue you even more. 
  • Exhausted to watch other people enjoy that very life that deep down you wish for yourself.
  • Exhausted to live under relentless violence that self hate imposes upon you and especially the consequences such as emotional eating or self-sabotage. 
How would your life be transformed if you valued, loved and accepted yourself just as you are and for the wonderful being that you are? How would you be transformed if you could for the first time in your life, open up and set yourself free from the opinions, validation, and expectations others, to shine unapologetically, once and for all?
  • That your self-esteem would be so strong that you would never be scared to show yourself to the world as you are and for who you are.
  • That your self-esteem would be so authentic that it would give you the opportunity to experience high-quality relationships both personal and professionally.
  • That your self-esteem would be so pure that it would allow you to accomplish  all your goals because you would truly believe that you deserve what is best in life.  
  • That your self-esteem is so powerful that is would easily support you, especially through times. 
I know comfortable it can become to constantly hide yourself, limit your actions, reduce your power and lower your entire being, day after day, until all you feel about yourself is self-loathing. Or until the moment you just accepted the idea that this all there is for you in life. Yet there is way out, this doesn't need to be your life. All you need to say is "NO MORE"
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Now let's be clear here, coaching is not a walk in the park, however if you are truly committed, motivated and determined to set yourself free and totally transform your life then let's start this journey together now...
As a professional Acc, ICF certified life coach &NLP master practitioner, I can help you transform the belief that keeps you stuck and support you, while you rebuild your self-esteem, as well has accompany you, step by step as you face any obstacles that might occur during this journey, in order to found a solution for them.
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My coaching programme "self-esteem"will thoroughly help you go through the 5 pillars that you need to build a deep, solid and powerful sense of self-esteem that will allow you to value yourself as you are and for who you are.
  • TRANSFORM THE LIMITING BELIEFS:In this first step, we will go through some of the most impactful limiting beliefs that are stopping you from nourishing your self-esteem such as I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH - I AM A FAILURE - I AM UGLY.
  • REDEFINE YOUR ROLE:Each and everyone of us, had to learn early on in they life to be a particular role, usually people with a low self-esteem have been assigned either explicitly, implicitly or out of self-conclusion to a role that is devaluing and that they have internalised. That is why in this second part you are going to redefine who you are based on this time look at your own opinion and knowledge of yourself. Because nobody know yourself more than you do. 
  • SELF-ACCEPTANCE:We all have part of our personality, appearance or even aspects of our lives that we don't feel comfortable with, and which we don't like or hate, and sometimes we even hide this the part(Carl Jung used to refer to this as the shadow of our persona) Yet, true self-love really begins when you are capable to accept yourself as you are and when you can welcome and embrace your shadow. It is the first step of the journey to unconditional self-love and true freedom. 
  • REAFFIRMATION:At the heart of low self-esteem, you will always found tow fundamental beliefs, either the idea that you don't "DESERVE" all the good things in life or that you dont have the "RIGHT" to them. In this part we will work through the those core beliefs in order to transform them into beliefs that are the complete opposite and reaffirm the fact that you deserve all that is best in life. 
  • BOUNDARY SETTING: Self-esteem is nourished by the setting of clear, definite and powerful limits, rules and life principals that you must commit to respect them. But most importantly, to make others respect them by using a confident, powerful and assertive communication style. This last part will truly close your transformation and give you the tools to understand what it takes to feed your self-esteem by yourself on a daily bases. 
  • A deeper self-awareness and appreciation of who you are as a person.
  • A clear vision of what success and fulfilment, both in your professional & personal life, means for you. 
  • A strong and positive relationship with yourself and as such, with the world around you.
  • A transformation in your ability to communicate with more effectiveness, assertiveness and clarity.
  • A profound healing process for the chains of the past that used to hold you back.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the lows that govern human thinking, emotion and behaviour.
  • Set powerful goals and understand how to manage the different steps that you must face to get there. 
  • To manage negative self-talk and emotions, as well as self-doubt on the spot.
  • Be self-aware of your value&needs and make sure that you nourish them on a daily basses.
  • Use the mistakes and failures as an opportunity to grow and learn, and to ultimately make yourself stronger and wiser. 
Are you ready to invest in you and your future?
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COACHING package


I have exclusively created this coaching program for people who want, for once and for all, to get rid of their lack of self-confidence.With this program you will get 12 online coaching session of 1 hour over a period of 6 months


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COACHING package 


I have exclusively created this coaching program for people who want to find out what their life mission is in life. With this coaching program you will have 16 online coaching session of one hour over period of 8 months.


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COACHING package


I have exclusively created this coaching program for people who want, for once and for all, to get rid of their low self-esteem. With this program you will get 12 online coaching session of 1 hour over a period of 6 months. 


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COACHING package


I have exclusively created this coaching program for people who want, once and for all, to get rid of their self-sabotage behaviours. With this program you will get 12 online coaching session of 1 hour over a period of 6 months